A Kingdom Remembered

This photo was taken in-studio, so it isn't the best.  This is an 8" by 10" oil painting on gessoboard.  I really like the mood of it and I think the woman came out so beautiful. 

The Guinn Twins

Michael and Xander at their best, well almost!  This oil painting measures 12" by 16" and actually only took me a day to complete.  Take that, you slow drying medium!


An oil painting of my late grandfather.


"Sigmuend", another oil painting of a tree seen in the mountains.

Carribean Flowers

A three-foot by three-foot oil painting based on flowers seen in Mexico.

The Polluted Little Mermaid

Two-foot by two-foot acrylic and the first of five paintings in the "Fairyless Fairytales" series.

Frog Prince: Still Searching

The second in the "Fairyless Fairytales" series.  Camera glare is an issue here.

Alice in Wasteland

The fifth and final in the "Fairyless Fairytales" series.  This one has been in one juried show and is attached to a large, silvery-framed mirror.  Thus the bright reflected light.

Skull in Pots

This is one of my first college acrylic paintings.  It is a copy of Georgia Okeefe's by the same title.

Watch for new art coming soon!